Why Anniversaries Are As Important As Weddings

Anniversary flowers

The wedding is just the beginning of a new phase in life, and there’s so much more after that. While the fuss may die down after the wedding is over, it’s super important for a couple to keep up some anniversary celebration traditions in the years that follow.


This may include anniversary gifts, trips, special dinners, flowers — anything that marks the day as significant in some way. In fact, a quick search of popular anniversary flowers by year demonstrates just how culturally important anniversary celebrations really are.


Make New Memories

An anniversary celebration doesn’t have to be entirely about strolling down memory lane. Try to think out of the box so that you can add to your marriage highlight reel.

Plan a date doing something the two of you have never done before, or come up with unique and thoughtful anniversary gifts, such as anniversary flowers by year (yes, different years of marriage are represented by specific flowers — pick up a bundle with one for each year of your marriage).


A Chance to Set Goals

Some couples are wonderful at regularly setting goals, but many remember to set financial or work goals and forget all about relationship ambitions. Relationships need something to strive for too. If setting goals for your marriage isn’t part of your regular routine, an anniversary can provide the perfect opportunity to think about where you want your partnership to go.

Flowers are a wonderful way to make someone feel adored, and Casafleur has stunning floral anniversary flowers. Even better, you can have them delivered anytime to let your spouse know that those loving sentiments are always there.

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