Floral Tips


Best flowers to send on valentine's day 0

If you’re ready to start narrowing down your choices for a special flower delivery for Valentine’s Day, take a closer look at these popular (and a few less common) options.
  • Gaurav Makhija

Send batches of flowers leading to Valentine's Day 0

Surprise your girlfriend or wife with batches and batches of the freshest bouquets.
  • Gaurav Makhija

The best flowers for love, dates and proposals 0

Sending someone flowers is always a loving gesture to let them know you are thinking about them. But what flowers are right for the right occasion? You may automatically jump to roses, but the truth is, when it comes to choosing the right flowers for love and passion, there are more options than you might think.
  • Gaurav Makhija

Flowers for the free-spirited sagittarius in your life 0

These flowers aren’t just charming – their vibrant colours are sure to highlight any happy, free-spirited Sagittarius.
  • Gaurav Makhija

Best floral centrepieces for winter. 0

No gathering – indoors or outdoors – is complete without some beautiful floral centrepieces to accompany all the seasonal cheer!
  • Gaurav Makhija

Propose with the best arrangements 0

Here at Casafleur, we strongly believe that flowers are the perfect companion for getting your feelings across the right way, which is why we’re always offering the freshest flowers for anyone you gift them to.

  • Gaurav Makhija