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Floral Tips


Best floral centrepieces for winter. 0

No gathering – indoors or outdoors – is complete without some beautiful floral centrepieces to accompany all the seasonal cheer!
  • Gaurav Makhija

Propose with the best arrangements 0

Here at Casafleur, we strongly believe that flowers are the perfect companion for getting your feelings across the right way, which is why we’re always offering the freshest flowers for anyone you gift them to.

  • Gaurav Makhija

4 great occasions to send pink roses 0

Picking just the right type of flower is tricky. But the good thing for you—and us—is that pink roses exist, and they make choosing a great flower super simple.
  • Gaurav Makhija

Flowers for an Outdoorsy person - Add a Little Green 0

Adding a natural, green touch to any arrangement and will remind your outdoorsy friend of the great outdoors. They will be really excited to have an earthy serene arrangement right in their living rooms
  • Gaurav Makhija

October Birthday Flower - Marigold 0

they’re not only a great gift for all the October babies in your life but also make for killer decorations for your Diwali party or get-together.
  • Gaurav Makhija

Homemade flower preservatives 0

If you want your flowers to live their longest possible lifespans while staying at peak attractiveness, you’ll have to get your hands a bit dirty and craft a flower preservative concoction right in your kitchen
  • Gaurav Makhija