October Birthday Flower - Marigold



The de-facto October birth flower has to be the Marigold.

Marigolds also have carried both positive and negative symbolism in the past depending on the culture and context. In today’s world though, many of the marigold’s negative connotations have mostly been done away with, and the marigold is generally seen as a positive symbol.

With that being said, here are the marigold’s many different meanings:

  • Joyfulness
  • Strength
  • Positive energy
  • A drive to succeed
  • A desire for wealth
  • Beauty and warmth
  • Passion
  • Despair, grief, and remembrance


Few other flowers encapsulate october quite like the marigold’s voluptuous orange, red, and yellow blooms. For that reason, they’re not only a great gift for all the October babies in your life but also make for killer decorations for your Diwali party or get-together.


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