Best floral centrepieces for winter.

Floral centrepieces for winter


No gathering – indoors or outdoors – is complete without some beautiful floral centrepieces to accompany all the seasonal cheer! Not only are flowers the perfect way to dress up your space for any get-together, they show that you put a lot of care into making sure your dining table is prepped for seasonal theme. 


Roses offer a softer touch than generic roses because of their layered petals and rounded blooms, so they won’t distract from all the festivities happening during the season! Like many roses, they come in a variety of colors, but if you want to stick to the winter theme, we recommend white or bright red garden roses for the holidays.

White Asiatic lilies are also the perfect winter centerpiece because they bring an element of freshness and they’re symbolic of certain holiday histories. On their own, they’re a showstopper, but you can pair them with red blooms to get into the holiday spirit!

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