4 great occasions to send pink roses

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For people who aren’t knee deep in the weeds of flower symbolism and etiquette, choosing the right flower for a special occasion can be a bit daunting. 

Picking just the right type of flower is tricky. But the good thing for you—and us—is that pink roses exist, and they make choosing a great flower super simple.

While they may not be the perfect choice for every occasion, they’re definitely a safe pick for nearly all special moments.


What Do Pink Roses Mean?

Pink roses also symbolise many stereotypical feminine virtues such as sweetness, grace, charm, and elegance. And over the years, pink roses have become known as the “Thank You” flower, due to their reputation as a symbol of gratitude and appreciation.


So from simple gestures of gratefulness to highly anticipated occasions, pink roses are versatile enough to do either job—and make a huge statement of your thoughtfulness in the process. That said, here are four of the best occasions to give pink roses!


Mother’s Day

Pink is the traditional color of Mother’s Day, so—unsurprisingly—pink roses are the all-time favorite gift to give all the amazing moms out there. I mean, what better way to show your appreciation for all their hard work and care than to give them the ultimate “Thank You” flower? They deserve it, after all!



A bouquet of roses is already a great gift for a wife or mother who is celebrating an anniversary, but a pink Bouq is even better. Sure, each anniversary year has its own flower tied to it, but in our humble opinion, that can get a tad predictable. Go bold! Or shall we say, go Pink!



And while every girl is different, if you’ve got an ultra-feminine lady in your life who always appreciates a flashy, girly gift, a bouquet of pink roses is an excellent choice to show how well you know (and appreciate!) her.


New Baby Girl

Even outside of rose symbolism, baby girls are typically associated with pink. For that reason, pink roses have long been a popular gift for the mothers of newborn baby girls. So if you want to congratulate a mother on bringing a new double-x chromosome life-form into the world and toughing out nine months of pregnancy, then pink roses are the perfect gift.


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