3 Flowers you Can Keep at the Office



Since we spend so much of our days sitting at our desks, it makes sense that we would want to create a beautiful office environment. 

It turns out that having flowers around is actually good for your health: you will feel less depressed and enjoy your life much more if you have flowers.

Here's a list of top 5 flowers that work wonders at the workplace


1. Lilies 

If you’re going for a peaceful look, the name of this flower says it all. It’s considered a houseplant. The reason why this kind of flower does so well inside is the temperature that it grows best at is typically a usual indoor temperature. 20-30 C. 

It’s an amazing choice for an office flower because it can be harmful to some animals and pets, and those are not usually found in office environments.

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2. Orchids

This is one flower that is typically kept inside, so it’s a great choice for your office. It doesn’t require crazy amounts of sunlight the way that other flowers and plants do.

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3. Roses

This typical Valentine’s Day present can be your new office flower, too. Roses are a type of flower that can be found in a huge variety of colours, so choose your favourite and get growing.

And as a bonus, if you choose some pink or red roses to keep next to your computer, your coworkers will think you’re oh so popular and are receiving fresh roses on a daily basis from a secret admirer.

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