Why you should send a box arrangement next time ?

If congratulations and celebrations are in order, and you're thinking about sending a bouquet or arrangement, we highly recommend you give a box arrangement a thought.

Apart from the fact that the structure allows for a very diverse set of flowers, they are very easy to place and take care of. Just sprinkle some water on it once or twice everyday and they should easily last for a week. The steady base allows for the arrangement to be placed easily in any corner of the home. However, we would definitely suggest that you keep the Green Serenity by the bedside for the maximum effect. Research has shown that flowers are known to have an immediate impact on happiness.

Designed by Gaurav himself, these arrangements are unique to Casafleur only. 

" If you consider the Green Serenity or a Touch of nature, you will instantly feel the soothing effect with a glance. They are great conversation starters owing to the very unique vibe they radiate. " - Gaurav Makhija 

Try them, you won't be disappointed. 


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