Flowers that Smell Delicious

Flowers that smell amazing


At Casafleur, we’ve smelled a few flowers in our day, and we can confidently say that some flowers give off a fragrance a lot nicer than others.

But when you get down to crafting a list of the top 5 most pleasantly fragrant flowers, the job gets a bit trickier. 

A rose versus a lily? Not so easy, now is it?

So if we’re being honest, personal preference plays a massive role here.

Without further ado, let’s hop right in! Here are the 5 best-smelling flowers in the world


1. Roses

You shouldn’t be surprised at all that roses get the crown. There’s absolutely nothing better than the smell of a fresh bouquet of roses, especially when it’s from the exceptionally handsome special man in our lives. And roses don’t just smell good – like lilies, they’re one of a handful of edible flowers that taste as good in desserts as they smell in your living room.


2. Lilies

Lilies are some of the most charming and irresistible flowers in the world. And it’s not hard to see why. They have incredibly showy, luscious blooms that will surely attract the eyes of any passersby. Second, they are unbelievably versatile and colourful, making them the perfect flower for any occasion. And finally, they have a deliciously exotic smell reminiscent of stepping off a plane into paradise. What’s not to like?


3. Carnations

They possess floral spicy scent with pepper and clove nuance. They are often used in classical fragrances due to their spicy peppery scent that deepens floral notes, and is especially effective combined with rose scent.


4. Chrysanthemums

The smell of these wonderful flowers are earthy and herby – rather than the sweet aromas typically associated with bouquets. As well as exuding an elegance, chrysanthemums can also be used to repel insects.


5. Tulips

Tulips are not the first flowers that you would think of as being fragrant, but there certainly are a number of tulips that are sweet-smelling. Double early tulip ‘Monte Carlo’ (yellow) flowers have a tantalising honey scent.

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